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Kapital Property Management

We will take care of your investments while you take care of the things that really matter.

We are a management company located in Miami and Orlando committed to close care and profitability of investment properties and second homes.
Real estate is an investment that requires close care and maintenance. Unlike other investment vehicles like shares, bonds, Real Estate needs continuous preventive and corrective maintenance, ensuring the best performance and market value.

Diego Rosero

(Founder & CEO, Kapital Property Management)

Why you should work with Kapital?

We understand that working with the right tools and quality service provides your tenant with a positive experience while living at the property. When the tenant is happy and the property is well maintained, the vacancies will be reduced, thus increasing your profits as an owner. 


We have a team of skilled professionals delivering optimum quality and service, who are at your disposal.


We work with Hi-Tech tools that allow us to offer our customers a fast, safe and efficient service, that will keep track of your property and its movements as if you were there yourself.


Our service promise is that we are willing to work with our customers hand in hand being their allies; it is why our approach allows us to avoid costly errors, saving the customer unnecessary expenses.



Diego Rosero

CEO & founder

Paola Moreno

Chief financial officer

Gabriela Díaz

Operation Manager

Doudeline Valbrun

Assistant Manager

Ignacio Rodriguez


our services

Tenant Screening

All tenants must complete an online application to rent the property. It allows us to obtain the following information from the applicant:

  • Credit Score
  • Criminal Background
  • Rental History

Rent Collection

The days of knocking on tenant's door to collect rent are over. Now they have three convenient ways to pay on time:

  • Online Tenant Portal
  • In cash at any 7-Eleven gas station at any time.
  • Depositing into the bank account.


A well-maintained property usually has a satisfied tenant, creating stability in your investment, and a constant cash flow. It includes:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Quality team of plumbers, electricians and a general maintenance staff always ready to solve any issue in timely manner

Monthly Property Report

Regardless of whether you live in Florida or not, you will feel as if you are the one managing the property.

  • Detailed monthly investment property report
  • Property inspection
  • Lease renewal
  • Maintenance


Your property will be listed on the most popular rental websites in the United States. This means:

  • We will take professional pictures which are the key of a good advertisement
  • Posting your property in over 15 specialty rental websites where hundreds of potential candidates make inquiries. This is the fastest way to generate enough interest to bring that best candidate for your property
  • Market analysis and a vast knowledge of the industry are just some of the tools we use to promote your property


Due to diverse circumstances tenants may stop paying rent. However, this is an investment and we are here to take care of it. The measures we take to avoid any damages are:

  • We check their source of income.
  • We post a Three Day Notice after the tenant's grace period is over, once the three days are up we file for eviction.
  • The eviction process is managed by our lawyer.


It is always important for us to provide a great service, but it is more important for you to know that we differentiate ourselves from others. We offer our customers exceptional benefits by choosing us and trusting Kapital.

Atention 24/7





We will take care of your investments while you take care of the things that really matter.

Diego rosero (founder & ceo)

What do we do for you?

When you invest in rental properties you may encounter many different situations, you may even have problems, which can be serious problems, so Kapital Property Management will take care of the inconvenience while you enjoy your daily life.

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Realtor get extra commissions

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If you are a busy Realtor and dealing with the properties of your investors is a real headache, we can help you focus on your real work, while taking care of the properties.

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We are a management company located in Miami and Orlando committed to close care and profitability of investment properties and second homes.


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