Definition Of Wave And Pay, Buzzword From Macmillan Dictionary

Precariat is a blend of adjective precarious and noun proletariat, a word used to describe working-class people as a social group. Proletariat has its origins in Latin proletarius, which denoted a person who had no wealth in property and whose only way of serving the state was by producing offspring. This is the British English definition of contactless card.View American English definition of contactless card. Companies like Skyroot Aerospace Private Limited, Dhruva Space Private and Bellatrix Aerospace Limited were featured in this initiative. No marks for guessing that this space is buzzing in the US as well where companies like Relativity Space (which 3-D prints rockets), MoonExpress , among others are some of the many interesting early-stage companies that are coming up.

And it seems that one screen alone is no longer enough, as we increasingly engage in stacking, using a multitude of hand-held devices to browse the web or grab a social media fix whilst watching the TV. We could even combine the two, and throw out snippets of criticism or praise for a programme by live-tweeting or media meshing during the broadcast. If reading was more our thing, then the year introduced us to a new genre of crime fiction in chick noir, where classic ‘chick’ themes of love and romance are displaced by murder and deception. Such dark themes were prevalent on screen too, with a preponderance of dramas correspondingly dubbed Nordic noir or Celtic noir . If you’re more a sport than a literature fan, then 2014 was the year in which kabaddi made its international debut, introducing the western world to a cross between wrestling and playground tag. Music lovers were also introduced to the novelty genre of chap hop, where rap meets upper class stereotypes, though this was unlikely to be the soundtrack to twerking, an eyebrow-raising dance technique receiving disproportionate media attention. And for those of us who enjoy the great outdoors, 2014 gave us the comforting concept of the tech crèche, a place to deposit our beloved smartphones whilst enjoying an encounter with nature without the nagging intrusion of the electronic universe.

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The Arab Spring protests have attracted widespread support from the international community, though political uncertainty has predictably had a negative effect on global economies, pushing up oil prices and deterring investment and trade. It all started in January when Canadian slumber was disturbed by frost quakes, deep loud sounds made when frozen earth cracks. This was all thought to be the fault of the polar vortex, Arctic winds causing bitterly cold conditions. Any North Americans who’d managed to dig out their car from the snow also had to contend with being the unintentional source of an ice missile, a chunk of compacted ice/snow flying from a vehicle, which could now incur a fine according to newly passed laws.

Though it’s been around since the early 17th century, the word quinoa crept out of the woodwork this year as people began to wake up to this grain’s potential as a healthy alternative to rice and pasta. Those of us who prefer a liquid lunch were probably juicing in 2014, though personally, I think that enjoying the delights of a food rave (where you can pack away as many carbs as you fancy – yum!) is infinitely preferable to sipping green sludge through a straw. If you’re particularly health-conscious, then you may have embraced the practice of clean eating, where you avoid consuming anything remotely processed, and there was also the possibility of a paleo diet, a regime based on Stone Age cuisine, presumably of minimal interest to vegetarians. If you do tend to buy your food in packets, then this year you could be reassured of its freshness via the bump mark, a tactile label which warns of imminent decay.

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Adele sold almost 4m albums in the last few weeks, so it might be nice to name the next generation in her honor to mark what might be the last occasion that so many people agreed on anything. Let’s admit that within 10 years the chief connotation of the word “viral” will have nothing to do with biology and will primarily stand for what is steadily becoming the pinnacle of human achievement and state of being that is every post-millennial’s greatest desire.

What does pay the wave mean?

DEFINITIONS1. a system of paying for small purchases by moving a credit card or mobile device in front of a special machine which automatically reads the information.

The insult in question was ‘gammon’, one of only a couple of pejorative labels (the other, slightly more affectionate, being ‘centrist dad’) directed from the left at the right as opposed to the many (‘libtard’, ‘snowflake’, ‘cuck’, etc.) routinely hurled in the other direction. For those not in the know, a “Netflix and chill” session means getting together to enjoy some streaming content prior to fornication. This is the British English definition of wave through.View American English definition of wave through. June, and as spring turns into summer, crops pop up in the fields whilst livestock graze the hills and valleys. In a new concept described as vertical farming, scientists claim that there are strong economic and ecological arguments for mass-cultivating plants and animals in unconventional locations. Urban landscapes could begin to feature tall, skyscraper-like vertical farms, containing multiple storeys of plants and animals in a carefully controlled environment. What remains to be seen is whether the additional cost of artificial lighting, heating and other maintenance operations is in fact outweighed by the benefit of rearing the meat and veg right next to consumers.


New, international labour markets, significantly expanding the available workforce, have weakened the position of workers and strengthened the position of employers. Increasingly, workers are in jobs which are part-time and/or temporary, have unpredictable hours, low wages and few benefits such as holiday or sick pay.

Definition Of Wave And Pay, Buzzword From Macmillan Dictionary

It’s been argued that government cuts in public spending and Prime Minister David Cameron’s call to maintain a ‘flexible and dynamic labour market’ have made the term relevant across all sections of society. The consequences are bleak, with any new jobs likely to be insecure, and rising unemployment forcing wages and/or working conditions even further downward. ‘Flexibility’ has often been interpreted as an increased reliance on agency staff, who rapidly come and go, and are employed on inferior terms. Such factors, exacerbated by the cost of living rising much faster than average pay, mean that a growing proportion of British workers could be deemed members of the precariat. The emergence of the precariat is thought to be a direct result of employment policies in our modern, global economy.

In the UK and many other countries in the world, the concept of chip and pin, paying for something by popping a credit or debit card into a machine and entering a security number, has become a routine procedure when enjoying a bit of retail therapy. But there’s a new idea in the field designed to take the Definition Of Wave And Pay, Buzzword From Macmillan Dictionary pressure off our memories and our fingertips – the technology now described as wave and pay. ARK Invest is the first asset manager in the world to launch a Space Industry-focused ETF. Named the ARK Space Exploration & Innovation ETF or ARKX on the stock exchanges, the fund was launched on 30th March 2021.

It provides a new and balanced understanding in a subject area dominated by poor communication between separate perspectives. This is the British English definition of wave and pay.View American English definition of wave and pay. There were of course private sector companies that worked with these space companies to supply parts, accessories and vehicles, however, the thought leadership, research and development were largely in the hands of the government agencies. Not only in defining and encoding new ideas and new practices but in embedding or uncovering, through discourse, the hidden prejudices and the complex power relationships that exist in organisations and in the wider society.

The outlook continued to be grim for many families however, putting expressions such as the living wage firmly into the spotlight. At the opposite end of the financial spectrum, there were shady goings-on at the sharp end of investment via dark pools, where share prices were hidden from public view. Tax avoidance also seemed to be a recurring theme, characterized by expressions like tax inversion and double Irish Dutch sandwich, a mouthful which has nothing to do with whisky or bread, but describes a tax avoidance technique involving Irish/Dutch subsidiaries. At first sight just another over-syllabled buzzword escaping from the confines of academic theory (‘performativity’, ‘superdiversity’ and ‘dimensionality’ are recent examples) into highbrow conversation, intersectionality is actually an important addition to the lexicon of identity studies. It was coined as long ago as 1989 by Kimberlé Crenshaw, a civil rights activist and legal scholar who wrote that traditional feminist ideas and anti-racist policies exclude black women because they face overlapping discrimination that is unique to them. There are each year a few forbiddingly formal or offputtingly technical expressions that do deserve to cross over into mainstream use. This I think is one of them and no journalist, educationalist, politician or concerned citizen should be unaware of it.

In the last few years society has, thankfully, come to focus increasingly on the needs of those individuals categorised as neurodiverse. The noun has thus become the label for activist movements working for social justice for ND minorities. A buzzword appears and catches on because it defines some important innovation (‘AI’ for example or ‘fintech’, ‘blockchain’, ‘cryptocurrency’, ‘algorithm’ or ‘internet of things’) – a new device, process, way of behaving, a fashion or fashion item or fad. The ‘buzz’ comes about naturally if the new concept is truly significant, or artificially because it is hyped by the media. This week, very late in the day, the mainstream UK media and the wider national conversation finally caught up with a social and political slur that had been trending for more than a year already.

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